Natural toothpaste without flourine.

The formula of the K.P.Namboodiri herbal toothpaste isfully inspired by the legendary and still popular K.P. Namboodiri herbal tooth powder. The recipe for the powder was discovered in the ancient texts of the royal medic Kochukuttan Thampuran in the state of Kerala in India. The traditional combination of the herbs in the K.P. Namboodiri paste is prepared according to the closely guarded formula, which includes oil of clove, extracts of pepper, ginger, Terminalia Chebula, amla and licorice root. Thanks to the unique composition the paste protects your gums and leaves your breath fresh. Regular use decreases dental plaque, strengthens teeth enamel and helps protect your teeth against cavities.*
The paste also soothes inflammation. K.P. Naboodiri –name trusted by generations.
*based on 5-week consumer opinion research.


POL-IND Multivity s.c. Imports K.P.Namboodiri's product from India to European market has done a series of research at the International Laboratory. They are: Microbiological, physicochemical, dermatological etc. All test results have been successfully qualified and have met the requirements of EU law.
The results of the 5-week application and usability study were also qualified, and the participants stated, that, the K.P.Namboodiri's Herbal toothpaste product is effective for:
refreshing breath,
removing plaque buildup,
whitening teeth,
cares for gums,
soothes the inflammation,
protects the teeth from tooth decay.
None of the probes reported any side effects. Most people stated, that, the product has best properties than previously used and expressed the desire to use this toothpaste in the future.
The performance of the toothpaste was considered by 100% of participants in the study.

These studies have been confirmed the quality, effectiveness and safety of the product.


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